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Other Services - Portuguese language lessons

France-Portugal Traductions also provides language classes in Portuguese and French as a foreign language, enxclusively on videoconferencing.

Registration number: 93131665513.

Language classes are based on a communicative approach: oral and written comprehension and practice, with a pinch of grammar - for personal and professional needs and in different levels:

- Beginner level - grammar, vocabulary, oral and written practice, for daily life situations.

- Intermediate level - proficiency in oral communication skills in professional and daily life situations: telephone and face to face conversations, oral and written comprehension of specific messages.

Grammar and vocabulary proficiency. 

- Advanced level - written practice in professional and daily life situations: fax, email, personal and professional letters (application letter), resumes and CVs. Oral practice.

Language classes are tailored to your personal and professional needs.

Distance learning classes only. For further information, please contact France-Portugal Traductions through Skype or Zoom.

Special post for building industry companies in France: pay attention to the "Molière Clause". France-Portugal Traductions provides French language lessons for your foreign workers.


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